Sunday, November 14, 2010

surya narayana utsava murthy kavacham

This is the kavacham of Utsava murthy of lord surya narayana with his consorts sridevi & boodevi the kavacham was designed & manufactured in 2008 for the temple of  LAKSMI NARASHIMASWAMY IN DEVARAYANA DURGA 120KMS FROM BANGALORE

THE KAVACHAM WAS MADE OF SILVER and it weighed about 3.500kgs it was made in 8months

It included with kiritam & padams but it is not available in the photo

Friday, October 22, 2010

Anjaneya kiritam & karnapathram

The kiritam  karna pathram was remade in 2008 with 850 new stones refitted with combination of various beautiful colours The kiritam weight is around 1250kgms it was orginally made in 1970s The kiritam & karna pthram was gold platted in the finnishig stage  to give it the gold look

kiritam of godess durgamba

The kiritam was made in silver weighing 750gms and later gold plated & a red stone was fitted in the center to match the kiritam

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The nagara idol (stone sttuded)

The nagar idol was designed & created jan 2009 for the NARASHIMA SWAMY TEMPLE bomanhali it was ordered by the temple administration It was made of pure silver weighing 750gms approximate height of  8inchs and 900 stones of various colour were used in designing the nagara and finally gold plated  it was made in 6months of time

Thursday, August 19, 2010

lakshmi narashima swamy

The kavacham for lakshmi narashima swamy was designed & beutifully sculptured and finnished in august 2009
The kavacham was made in 4 months of time
It was made of 18kgs copper basically & later on silver plated